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Our newest peg! We love them!

-Balltop 1/8" Pegs-

free shipping in the usa!-

These pegs are 1 1/2" long with a 1/4" head and are tapered to fit  1/8" holes. Tumbled to a high luster finish!

Brass and Aluminum. 3 of each. $6 [Add to Cart]          6 of each $12 [Add to Cart]

Brass, Aluminum and Black. 2 of each. $6 [Add to Cart]          4 of each $12 [Add to Cart]

Brass, Aluminum and Copper. 2 of each. $6 [Add to Cart]         4 of each $12 [Add to Cart]

Brass, Aluminum, Copper and Black. 3 of each. $12 [Add to Cart]

Bags are available in quantities of: 100, 250, 500 and 1000 pegs.

You must specify the makeup of your order in the order instructions box.

Bag of 100 $75 [Add to Cart]

Bag of 250 $150 [Add to Cart]

Bag of 500 $275 [Add to Cart]

Bag of 1000 $500 [Add to Cart]


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